The Guildford Rd widening proposal has been finalised by Minister Rita Saffioti, with a resounding 'no'! The WAPC will be writing to the 'up to 1200' interested parties to officially inform them of the end of the process next week.

June 2nd, 2017, 11:00AM Written by Toyah Shakespeare - Eastern Reporter:

CONCERNED residents and businesses can breathe a sigh of relief this morning after the Planning Minister announced she would scrap plans to widen Guildford Road. Rita Saffioti refused the Metropolitan Region Scheme amendment along Guildford Road following a recommendation by the WA Planning Commission (WAPC) earlier this week. Maylands, Bayswater and Mt Lawley residents raised concerns last year over a proposal to widen the road up to 10m to make way for bus queue jumps, cycle lanes and a median strip, which would cut into verges, front yards and buildings. The announcement comes one week after residents presented a 2686-signature petition to Parliament in opposition to the amendment. “The amendment process was completed as quickly as possible, in line with State planning legislation,” Ms Saffioti said. “This decision gives landowners certainty on the future of their properties.”


29 May 2017: Today, the WAPC should contact Rita Staffioti MLA (Minister for Planning) and recommend either to proceed with the proposal to widen Guildford Road, or whether to reject it. This is a key moment in time. This planned ammendment is not dead in the water yet: Rita can only finalise the rejection of the proposal if the WAPC recommends against it. If the WAPC recommend that the proposal goes ahead, Rita is unable to reject it on Ministerial authority alone - it has to go to the Governor with the WAPC report and the Minister's recommendation. If the Governor believes the proposal should go ahead then disallowance is the only option to kill the proposal off. We are waiting to find out what the timeline is for the Minister's decision following receipt of the WAPC report today, and at what point in the process the WAPC's recommendation on the proposal can be known by the public. We will post an update here as soon as we have any fuurther information.

24 May 2017: The petition was presented by Alanna Clohesy MLC in the Upper House at 2 p.m. We await further information of its progress into the Advisory and Ethics Committee, and details of the process and timeline from there.

24 May 2017: The Guildford Road to Ruin group presented Lisa Baker and Simon Millman our petition. 2686 signatures opposing the widening of Guildford Road! It's great to see the community working together to oppose this terrible plan.

22 April 2017: Wonderful news! The WA Labor Government restates their commitments to the Guildford Road community. Thank you Lisa Baker, Mark McGowan, Rita Saffioti MLA and Simon Millman MLA for their support.

THE WAPC: The deadline for submissions to the WAPC (Western Australia Planning Commission) was 17th March 2017. Some people have had no acknowledgement that their submission has been received. If this is the case for you, we advise calling them to confirm their receipt. From Steven Radley at the Department of Planning: ‘If notification is not received within a week, in the first instance the person lodging the submission should contact Marija Bubanic on 6551 9427 or myself on 6551 9426’. We can only imagine that the WAPC will take some time to work their way through the submissions and respond to all the points raised by the many hundreds of submissions they have received. On behalf of everyone at GuildfordRoadToRuin and our community, a superb effort from everyone – many excellent submissions were presented to the WAPC voicing our opposition!



1.       The City of Bayswater Council has voted against the Plan Amendment; to support our cause and has advised the WAPC accordingly in its own Submission. Most certainly not to rain on that parade, please note that this alone may have no impact upon WAPC as we have seen them over-ride our duly elected Council in areas such as the concrete plant upgrades (why wouldn�t we want not one but two concrete production plants in the middle of our residential areas?); the wetlands land use (why not build houses over the pristine wetlands � after all its only ducks, birds and the occasional dog owner that wants to use these amazing pristine conservation areas?) and history has indicated how much consultation (or lack of) has occurred between the WAPC and our Council but we thank them and the Honourable Mayor Barry McKenna for their unwavering support at the Council meeting regardless of the adversity they receive from the WAPC. This does not end the WAPC Plan Amendment. So we needed to continue to the next phase�


2.       The election � the community and State has spoken and there was an amazing popular swing behind our local member Lisa Baker who � along with Alanna Clohessy and other Labor members such as Mark McGowan and Rita Saffioti � stood in my front yard to commence their policy launch on transport and planning noting Guildford Road and Beeliar were the two priorities in this election. Unfortunately whilst we believed that this would bring about an immediate cessation of this Plan Amendment the WAPC and planning legislation generally does not allow the Minister to just stop a Plan Amendment. Whilst Beeliar was discontinued immediately by the Premier that was not the subject of a Plan Amendment � this was a major construction project already well past the Plan Amendment phase and (whilst we linked these in our minds) they are two totally separate processes. This does not end the Plan Amendment process. So we needed to continue to the next phase�.


3.       The Submissions process has closed. If you provided a Submission did you get a formal response from WAPC within 3 days? 5 days? 10 days? If you have not received your response by now formally acknowledging your Submission you need to be contacting the following WAPC Project Team nominated by the WAPC in writing to provide that confirmation immediately to ensure your Submission has been received:

If you are advised by the WAPC contacts that your Submission has not been received attempt to correct that with those staff and also contact the Action Group!!! We have sought guidance from the WAPC for more than 3 weeks now as to timeline and process and whether our Plan Amendment is actually on hold / discontinued etc, initially to obtain no response. After further perseverance; emails and phone calls we were advised on the 29thMarch 2017 by the Deputy Director General Planning that the WAPC �must continue the process of consolidation of Submissions� (the Minister cannot stop this process under Planning Legislation)�; followed by notification of interviews to all Parties that have requested to be heard in open or closed interviews; to then provide a Recommendation to the Minister (Rita Saffioti) who will have the final say in the outcome of this Plan Amendment (i.e. it cannot be put on hold/discontinued despite assurances by the Minister in January 2017 until a final report reaches her office). This has been ratified for the Action Group through separate planning legal advice. The Deputy Director General has also advised our Plan Amendment is to be fast tracked and this timeline is to be advised by the WAPC by no later than Wednesday 12th April 2017 �. And still we have no letter verifying this!!! We will place that correspondence on the Facebook and web pages immediately if ever/when it becomes available as this determines our future actions. Whilst the WAPC may be moved by your Submissions (by volume and logic) and hopefully recommend cessation of this Plan Amendment, this in itself does not end the Plan Amendment process. So we continue to move to the next phase�.


4.       The Petitions were commenced in January 2017 and have had a varying result through the Maylands and Mount Lawley Night Markets; individual downloads and through the support of over 100+ businesses in the Maylands area. Our time is coming to an end for the Petitions and (on behalf of all those who have signed them or had their friends sign them) we are now preparing to take the Petitions to Parliament. We will be retrieving any outstanding Petitions from the commercial properties over the Easter weekend and into the following week. If you have downloaded your own copy don�t waste those precious signatures � forward them to me now to PO Box 954 Mt Lawley WA 6929 and we thank you for your commitment. Only the Legislative Council has the power to approve a Commissioner to review the process and outcomes of this Plan Amendment process by WAPC. The creation of that role is subject to your support in the form of the Petitions. The bigger the number, the better the chance we will have the support of the Upper House to instigate this review. This process will run parallel to the current WAPC interview process. The Petitions and potential Commissioner does not end the Plan Amendment process. So we will still need to move to the next phase�.


5.       The Minister has final veto on this Plan Amendment. Our local member and the Action Group have (at the same time as the approach to WAPC) asked the Ministers office for her proposed timeline and process to obtain a decision on this Plan Amendment and we trust this is forthcoming this week prior to our meeting with Lisa Baker so that we may again update you, the concerned community members (both commercial and residential), that have supported this stance. Today Tonight and the other TV stations have provided the traction that Labor required in this matter during the election. The commitment made by the Minister and our local member on radio, in the various papers (including Perth Voice and Community News and the Eastern Reporter) was well documented; very positive and we now seek that outcome. We welcome any further support the community wishes to provide in the form of an email to the relevant Parties to reconfirm your stance J. This does not end the Plan Amendment process. So we still need to move to the next phase�.


6.       Subject to the Ministers directive to WAPC we will either be discontinuing our planned protests from here; applying further action or seeking formal Parliamentary Discontinuance. We trust the first point is moot. As to the second, if we do not receive a formal notification from the WAPC that the Plan Amendment is discontinued and the requirement of resumption of (all or part of) your commercial or residential property is no longer to be applied, this proposed Plan Amendment will linger in our community and � like 1980, 1991, 2004 - it will impact upon the assumption we make under the Magna Carter (the basis of our Charter of Rights in the Westminster system of Parliament) that we will once again have full and peaceful possession of our land. A failure to obtain this release in writing will allow the return of Main Roads at some time in the future. It is this formal release and only this that we have sought since that first meeting on the 05th January in my front yard. We would like to remain positive that � as undertaken by the Labor Party in January 2017 over 112 days ago - this will hopefully end the process (dare I say, watch this space)?

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We are mow starting to collect petitions from the 116 business along and near Guildford Road. If you have downloaded your own copy don�t waste those precious signatures � forward them to us now at PO Box 954 Mt Lawley WA 6929. We thank you for your commitment.

The WAPC will no longer be accepting submissions. We hope you got yours in on time :-)


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