Amore Mio Pizzeria, 279 Guildford rd, Maylands

Francesco and Aury are passionate about the quality of the food they produce and this certainly shows as after just one year of trade as Amore Mio, they have managed to gain an almost cult following. If you haven’t tried it yet, get down there and find out what all the fuss is about!! Amore Mio Pizzeria is a relative newbie to the Mayland’s food scene. Francesco and Aury moved to Guildford Rd investing everything they had in what they believed to be a vibrant, diverse, neighborhood with room for growth and their particular flavour of Italy. They renovated the seriously rundown building, fixed the broken overhang and sealed the whole area between the buildings with bitumen to provide a safe place to park. Add some striking art on the outside and all in all 279 Guildford Rd went from an unloved empty space to a Clean, bright, fabulous, welcoming place to be.

Amore Mio employs eight staff and their future plan was to reinvest, adding a courtyard and Garden eating area and increase their staff. These plans however, are now in limbo while Guildford Rd residents and business owner’s lives are held for ransom by the WAPC.

Amore Mio, should the amendment be passed, stands to lose a huge chunk of their premises, right up to the front counter.

This leaves serious doubts about future viability of the business and obtaining finances to relocate and start again is not an option for them.

Francesco also believes a bike path with so many driveways and side streets opening onto the road will be dangerous and a huge medium strip with take the life from the road separating the community on both sides. This plan amendment is excessive and seems to cater for an outer suburb to city run at local’s expense.

Hands off our Pizza! If you don’t want to see the ‘flavour’ taken from Guildford Rd log on to and get cracking on those submissions