Your Shout Liquor, 49 guildford rd, maylands

Liquor Barons, 379 guildford rd, Bayswater

Two small liquor retailers at either end of the new proposed, amended widening are the champions of local growers and boutique producers. They are both hands on in their premises, love what they do and have committed financially to being in the industry for the long haul.

They have no problems with antisocial behavior around their shops and provide locals with a wealth of knowledge, experience, good conversation and a really interesting, diverse range of products. Your shout liquor has been trading since 1999. In its previous life around 1910 it was trading as a dry goods store and stable for horse and cart runs to Kalgoorlie. The stables are incorporated in the present building.

Neil, the owner of Your Shout liquor supports many boutique wineries that will in turn be affected should their shop not survive the widening. There is a ripple effect to all this he says; not just our own incomes, futures and jobs but other people down the line rely on us.

Apart from having prices on regular items competitive with the big guys as a smaller operator Neil says he has the ability and the time to source specialized products for customers, they run a wine club on Fridays boast a particularly fine selection of Barossa reds and organise diners with winemakers. Its not just about selling booze, the wine industry is something people like to be educated about and engaged in.

Neil at Your shout’s concern is the proposed medium strip. With cars unable to turn into his shop and unable to turn up from East parade he would be cut off from potential customers. We live in an age of convenience Neil says; if we make it too difficult for people to get into they may find an easier option. It would be a huge shame to lose all that choice, character and local knowledge from our area.

If the amended plan were to be approved Roscoe at Liquor Barons would lose most of his carpark, and would therefore not meet council compliancy.

If these guys are taken out of the equation this area of Guildford Rd will only retain a larger, corporate chain bottle shop.

Liquor Barons at the further end of Guildford Rd specializes in organic wines and craft beers. Rosco the owner has been in the premises for the last 3 ½ years, coming from a long and colourful career in the music industry.

Roscoe says he decided it was time to leave the craziness and step into his other love, quality wines and beer. Roscoe grew up in Morley and has watched Maylands go from a rundown suburb to a family friendly, culturally diverse, village style area that a big road would just divide and destroy.

Both retailers say to just ‘move on’ isn’t easy. Liquor retailers have a license and that license stays with a premises. You can’t just take it with you. There is an application process, a big cost and a lot of paperwork.