Rifos Cafe, 189 Guildford Rd Maylands

Rifos was one of the 1st Cafés in Maylands opening its doors in 1999. Since then it has become a local icon with a steady stream of hungry and thirsty fans from all over Perth.

Riffos current owners, brothers Hazar and Doruk Kayhan bought into the business about 3 years ago, they saw the further growth potential in the area and loved the way Maylands was coming together and developing its own unique personality. It was a large investment, which for them involved family property as security, but they believed in the area and took the plunge.

Hazar and Doruk constantly receive positive feedback from patrons; people appreciate their laidback style and good old-fashioned service. Both the brothers are hands on in the business and know many of the locals personally.

We asked Hazar and Doruk about their Café, the Maylands community and how the proposal would affect them.

The beauty of Rifos is that it’s for everyone; we have students, professionals, mums and babies, travellers, all sorts of people. We are open 7 days, its a welcoming café, no one feels out of place here and that’s how we like it. The proposal to widen Guildford Rd is a big blow for us, we have a 20year lease and had planned to reinvest in the business and Maylands. It was a life plan for us. As tenants we only found out about the widening through word of mouth and feedback from customers has strengthened our concerns. No one wants a highway through their neighborhood. This area is full of small businesses and homes and there are much worse roads in Perth for congestion. We see the traffic everyday there is about 3 hours of peak traffic out of 24. We cant understand why a plan this drastic has been proposed for our area, one that will change this neighborhood forever. Parking is a much bigger problem. It’s not just the main road either small businesses on the side streets like Eighth Ave will have to survive through extensive road works. The uncertainty is really difficult, it’s hard to know what to do now, we don’t know what the future holds. We employ around 30 people here. If you add that into all the affected sites it’s scary to think of the all the people who could be out of work if this plan goes through.

'An email to main roads by Doruk was met with even more unsettling news that as tenants they would receive no compensation if the proposal goes ahead. '