Submissions to the WA Planning Commission

WAPC (Western Australian Planning Commission) Proposal 1310/41 is a Land Grab that will see more than 300 homes and 59 businesses on Guildford Rd severely affected or destroyed.

If you want to stop the proposed plan 1310/41 from going ahead, you MUST lodge a submission.

Choose one of these four ways to create a submission:

  • If you are not familiar with submissions, we recommend you use our quick and easy submission creation tool here on this website. The tool enables you to view 75 statements arranged into 15 categories. Just select the statements you agree with and click a button. It's as simple as that. The online tool will give you the opportunity to add your own submission statements if you wish. It will also give you the option of emailing your submission straight to the WAPC, or printing your submission to post or fax.
  • Submission creation tool
  • If you would like to download the full submission, we have created it with all of the above. It is available here in both Microsoft Word format (editable) and PDF:
  • Microsoft Word pre-written
    PDF pre-written
  • If you want to start from scratch and create your own submission with the official WAPC form built into a Microsoft Word document, download the template here:
  • Microsoft Word blank template
  • If you would like to simply download and print the original WAPC form to hand write your submission, you can find it here:
  • Original WAPC form

    Submissions MUST be received by the WAPC before 5pm on 17 March 2017. Act now, and don't forget to allow time for postage!

    About submissions:

    There are two ways to have your say on the MRS amendment – one is to sign a petition, and the other is to make a submission to the WAPC. Although signing a petition is a valuable contribution, the petition does not form part of the planning process for the amendment (it is a political tool, not a planning tool).

    Putting in a submission on the proposed amendment means that the WAPC must consider your reasons for opposing the amendment. It also means that the government must publicly provide written arguments as to why opposition to the amendment is not relevant or is not significant enough to stop the amendment proceeding. If they are not able to do that , then the amendment cannot proceed. This is the best chance for all members of the community to have their say, and make sure that the government knows that we oppose the amendment. The more people that make submissions, the more notice the WAPC must take of our objections.

    When you make a submission, you will also have the option of speaking at, or being represented at, a hearing of the WAPC. This provides you with the opportunity to directly express your concerns to the WAPC. If you wish to be represented at the hearings by Guildford Road to Ruin, please fill out the final page of the submission as follows:

    ✔ YES, I wish to speak at the hearings

    I will be represented by:

    ✔ A spokesperson

    Then enter the following details:

    Name of spokesperson: Graeme Reany

    Contact telephone number (business hours): 0410 379 850

    Postal address: PO Box 954, Mount Lawley WA 6929

    I would prefer my hearing be conducted in:

    ✔ Public (members from the general public may attend your presentation)